About Us

Bay Mountain AG is family.

In 1947 our grandfather, John M. Davis, acquired the farm now occupied by Bay Mountain AG. Grandpa Davis was a dairy farmer, established in Norwich, where he and his wife, Alice, raised six children.  Our Preston, CT farm was needed to provide additional space required to pasture and grow forage for his expanding dairy operation.


In 1974, our father, John M Davis Jr. bought the farm from our grandfather, which included a historic homestead, circa 1860, and approximately 700 acres.  In 2008, he acquired an additional 300 contiguous acres of preserved conservation land from the Nature’s Conservancy, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve natural habitats.  All told, our farm is 1000 acres and has over 100 tillable acres which are still in use.  The balance is a combination of mountains, pastures, woodlands, wetlands and waterways, which remain in pristine and undeveloped condition and contribute to an area in Southeastern Connecticut, USA, known as the Last Green Valley.  The homestead, along with its antique barn, is listed in the registry of the Preston Historical Society and includes a cemetery where the original settlers of the farm are buried. Truly beautiful and historically amazing. Stop and visit sometime.  You will see what we mean.

About Us.

Bay Mountain AG is the vision of two siblings: Matthew Davis and Deborah Davis Locker, each the third generation of Davis to farm the land. Our goal is to continue the family tradition of farming the special place we love, while we guard against development that would destroy its nature and beauty. Our challenge is to raise the revenue necessary to cover the large expense associated with a place so big WITHOUT development which would destroy the natural integrity and beauty of this unique preserve. If we are successful, we promise to transition the farm to the next generation of Davis and beyond, and in turn, task them to do the same: PRESERVE OUR FARM so that it may be enjoyed by all for years to come in all its beauty.

Our newest project, Connecticut grown Hemp, is used for the extraction of CBD oils, which are meticulously grown and professionally manufactured into premium products to promote health, happiness, and wellness. Give us a try and support our vision.   

Matthew S. Davis was eight years old when our father bought the farm.  Since then, Matt has spent nearly his entire life loving, living and working the farm in all forms.  He was proudly educated at the University of CT (BA Economics) and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH (Juris Doctorate).  He is a licensed and practicing attorney in the State of CT and resides in Preston with his wife and children.

Deborah Locker was born in Norwich, CT and raised her family in the Midwest, mostly in Michigan, before moving back to Connecticut in 2021 to co-manage the farm. She was educated at Ohio University (BA) and is an Advanced Master Gardener (Michigan State University). Deborah has over two decades of community garden experiences including leading Morning Thyme Herb group, founding a community Butterfly Garden at a local elementary school, and creating/teaching vegetable growing classes to Jr. Master Gardener students.

Our current Hemp Project combines Deborah’s interests in gardening, herbs, and holistic-based health remedies with Matthew’s interests of bringing agricultural viability to the farm. The Hemp Project is focused on the widely known health properties of CBD, one component found in the spectrum of beneficial compounds extracted from our hemp, currently being researched to identify its full potential.

To promote your family’s health, happiness and well-being, try our CBD products. Our quality CBD products are made using methods and materials that are transparent and support the environment and community at every step of the growing process.  We hope you enjoy them as much, as we have enjoyed making them for you. We thank you for supporting our vision of “a world we can be proud of.”