Other Ways to Use Hemp Flower without smoking

by Bay Mountain AG

Want to take advantage of health benefits of CBD without smoking it?


Try these ways:

If you are new to CBD, these things are important.

*You can use your hemp blossom straight out of the bag, but to take advantage of the full benefits of CBD, it should be decarboxlated.  Sounds complicated, but it simply involves heating your flower in a low heated oven.

Decarb instructions:

Preheat oven to 250 degrees

Break your bud into small pieces.

Place botanicals single layer in a covered baking dish. Do not stack/crowd botanicals.

Place on the center shelf and bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven.

Cool completely. It is now ready to be used/incorporated in another recipe or stored in a cool dark container. (I like glass or tin)

Decarbing releases lovely hemp aromas into a kitchen. Remember this if you live with someone who may be sensitive and decarb when they are not at home.
  •  CBD infused Oil Recipe

Since cannabidiol breaks down and is stored in fat, many recipes call for CBD infused oils or butters, instead of using straight blossom.

You can use the oil recipe with many types of oil, but I prefer coconut oil, since it’s 80% saturated fat and is an excellent binding agent.  You can cook or bake with it, add it to a drink, or rub it on your skin.   No worries. You will get the benefits of CBD either way, by consuming the oil or using topically.

 CBD coconut oil recipe:

Unrefined coconut oil and decarboxlated HEMP.

Ratio: 1 cup of oil to 7-14 grams of botanicals.

-Break botanicals into small pieces

-Place the flower and coconut oil in a mason jar, stir gently, place lid of mason jar

-Screw lid on tight enough to prevent outside water from getting in jar, but not so tight as it will fully seal during infusion.

-Put the jar in crock pot filled with room temp water.  Be sure there is enough water to cover the oil lines in the jar(s).

-Set crock pot on low and let simmer for mini of 2 to 6 hours. Shake jars occasionally. 

-Once jar is cool enough to handle, strain out plant material. Cheesecloth and a strainer work well here.

-Store in a cool dark place or in refrigerator. Shelf life is several months, but don’t wait that long to use it!


  • CBD Honey

Honey has a host of its own benefits and infusing it with CBD is another easy way to take it.

CBD honey is just as easy to make as CBD oil and is versatile enough to add to teas, drinks, or any recipe that uses honey!

 CBD Honey recipe:

Crock pot or slow cooker.

Use ratio of 1 cup honey to 1/8 to Oz decarbed hemp flower.

Pour honey over decarbed hemp flower and stir to remove air bubble.

Cover with lid and heat with low heat for 60– 90 minutes.

Cool & strain as with oil.

Store in a cool dark place for up to 2 months.

The recipe can also work with maple syrup!


  • CBD Tea

Hemp flower make a great addition to homemade teas, particularly when combined with other herbs or even a pot of green tea!  Some herbs combos include (but certainly not all the potential combinations) peppermint for upset stomachs, black or green tea for a caffeine boost, and chamomile to reduce anxiety.  For a subtler effect, skip decarboxylation. Consider adding some coconut oil or heavy creamer to the tea to increase the cannabinoid absorption.


  • CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can be a soothing way to use CDB for pain relief. You can find many of these products at your local store, or just toss in your dried flower bud, or some CBD infused coconut oil to the bath, but bombs are fun to make at home as well! (See next blog for recipe!)


  • CBD seasoning Mix:

One of the easiest ways to use CBD is to crush up decarbed Hemp flower and add it as a seasoning while cooking or, like salt, to taste.  Look at a spice chart for possible herb pairings, but it goes well in many dishes, especially with tomatoes or Italian type dishes.