Medicine dropper

by Bay Mountain AG

Judging by the number of questions we get on this, I am glad people are reading and following directions.  But since no question is silly, here is a primer on how to correctly use a medicine dropper.


Medicine droppers are an accurate way to measure out liquids and are commonly found on most CBD tincture bottles and other medicines. Using the dropper properly is important to safely ensure you are taking a correct amount /proper dosage.


In “eye dropper world,” a full eye dropper is not necessarily when the liquid completely fills the tube up to the rubber bulb, or the right amount of liquid to take.


1)Hold the bottle vertically.


2)Open bottle and look at the dropper. The dropper often has measurements in milliliters and sometimes in teaspoons. The markings/measurements will help you measure the correct amount of medicine.


3)Find the measurement line that matches the dose you need.

Squeeze the bulb and put the dropper into the liquid in the bottle. You can see the medicine being drawn up into the dropper.

Slowly release and draw up the correct amount.


4)Let go of the bulb end. This may cause an air bubble to pop up in the dropper and look like your measurement is off, but the correct amount is still in the dropper.


  1. If your eye dropper is not marked with measurements, reuse (or buy) another with measurements. Do not use other spoons you may have on hand without markings as they may cause you to give the wrong dosage.


Sounds easy and it is!  Just be careful and accurate!