Make some CBD Hot Chocolate for a cold night!

by Bay Mountain AG

Take Time to recharge!


Make some CBD Hot Chocolate

By Deborah L

Bay Mountain AG


While trying to embrace my January’s resolutions about eating better and wanting to come down off the heavy holiday foods and calories, I decided that an exquisite hot drink would be nourishing and much better for me than a heavy over-sweet dessert.

And, listening to the chilly winter winds outside, I decided that a cup of hot chocolate would fit the bill. This hot chocolate is delicious, and infused with CBD, it makes a cozy, delicious cup of happiness!


This is like a European hot chocolate: rich, thick, smooth, and intensely chocolate. Consider garnishing with a candy cane, peppermint candy, marshmallow, whipped cream, chocolate shavings or cinnamon. Less calories than a dessert, the only thing that would make it better is a pair of flannel pj’s!


To help with sleep, this recipe calls for a 30 mg serving of CBD per cup. Feel free to adjust/omit as you wish. If you have never tried CBD, it helps with sleep, inflammatory conditions, and calms nerves.  CBD is a terrific way to end the day, but the recipe is great with or without it.


So, give yourself a treat and make some, (or just keep using those hot chocolate packets), and have a restful, peaceful evening!   


Serves two.


Cocoa powder (2 TBSP)

Dark chocolate, grated or shaved (2 0z)

2 cups milk (or non-diary substitute ok)

Sugar (3 TBSP or to taste… optional)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 pinch salt

2 droppers Bay Mountain Basic CBD oil (1000 mg strength)



-Mix cocoa powder, dark chocolate and one cup of milk in saucepan over low heat

-Stir continuously until the dark chocolate is melted, & then add remaining milk, vanilla, & salt.

-Stir in sugar & add the CBD.

-Pour the CBD hot chocolate into mugs.

-Garnish as desired

Enjoy and relax!