Lavender Lemonade!!

by Bay Mountain AG


 Lavender Lemonade

(Makes 2 quarts)



 1 small handful freshly picked lavender or 1 tablespoon dried (plus extra to add to lemonade as garnish

 1 ½ cups sugar

 2 cups boiling water

 1 can frozen lemonade (or use your own recipe that you love)

 Thinly sliced lemons

 1liter gingerale

 Regular ice

 CBD tincture (Optional)


  1. Pour gingerale in ice cube tray and freeze into cubes.


  1. Prepare a lavender simple syrup: Boil the lavender buds in a tea infuser in 1 ½ cups sugar and 2 cups water. Infuse for thirty minutes. Remove lavender tea infuser and cool the simple syrup to room temperature.


  1. Make the lemonade. I use the frozen lemonade concentrate because I like lemon pulp, but you can also make it fresh.


  1. Combine the lemonade, lavender syrup, and lemon slices. Add the ginger ale ice cubes about 20 minutes before serving and enjoy!


I add five eye droppers of 1000 mg CBD to my lavender (which can be adjusted according to taste).  5 droppers to a two-quart pitcher does not add any CBD taste, only fun!

 Taste before serving… add more ginger ale or regular ice cubes to taste. Add a little dried lavender to float!