Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

by Bay Mountain AG

There are many products on the market that list “Hemp Oil’ or ‘CBD Oil’ as an ingredient.  For anyone trying to understand these labels, it can be confusing.


As we grow hemp and also have a CBD line of products made from that hemp, we get many questions about the differences between Hemp and CBD oil. Below is some basic information that outline the basic differences and what they mean.


Hemp (hempseed) oil is extracted from industrial hemp seeds by pressing (and possibly further processing) before bottling.  Hemp oil is rich in protein, omega, and Vitamin E.  Hemp oil is considered a nourishing, topical oil, and has been used in beauty products for years.


CBD oil (cannabinol oil) is extracted from the flowers, buds, and leaves of hemp plant.  With state laws changing, CBD oil is relativity new on the market.    



Both Hemp oil and CBD oil are from cannabis sativa plant.  They are both non-intoxicating, contain beneficial properties, and can be applied topically or ingested.



Hemp oil is derived from the industrial hemp variety of cannabis sativa, is vitamin-rich, but contains no cannabinoids- since hemp seeds contain no cannabinoids.


CBD oil can be extracted from the buds, flowers and leaves of several varieties of cannabis plants.  CBD oil contains the cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and flavonoids that appears naturally in the hemp flower.  


CBD oil can be further processed into broad, full, or insolates, each with their own benefits and properties, but to keep this article simple, we are focusing on explaining the differences between Hemp oil and CBD oil, and what the different phrases on a product label mean.


We hope this has provided some useful information. If you have additional questions or more information, please contact us or go to the Google.  In the meanwhile, see you in the next article!



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