Cool off with CBD Popsicles!!

by Bay Mountain AG

How to cool off on a hot day


CBD Popsicles



 ½ cup orange juice

 1 can pineapple juice

 ½ cup coconut milk

 1 cup canned or frozen fruit that can be blenderized (strawberry, raspberry, mandarin orange, pineapple, your choice)

 1 ½ droppers of Bay Mountain AG  1000 mg CBD oil tincture



 1.    Add fruit to blender. Pour in orange and pineapple juices and coconut milk.


  1. Blend together all ingredients.


  1. Evenly distribute the blended mixture into 6 popsicle molds.


  1. Freeze for at least 6 hours. Enjoy!


Notes: With this recipe you will get about .5 ml of CBD per popsicle.  You can use a lower or slightly higher amount of CBD, and it will not affect the taste.


The coconut milk gives the CBD a fat to bind too, and it helps increase the bioavailability, so you receive the full benefit of the CBD. If coconut milk isn’t your favorite, substitute any other non-dairy milk like cashew or almond.


This can be made with or without fruit. Even if you don’t use the fruit, be sure to mix thoroughly with a blender to be sure the CBD oil is evenly distributed.


If CBD is not your thing, that’s ok too!  These popsicles taste just as good without the CBD oil!