CBD Honey

by Bay Mountain AG

CBD Honey

By Debbie L.

Bay Mountain AG

 As much as I like to take credit for all the delicious and beautiful things in my garden, I want to thank the unsung heroes of all our gardens: the bees and native pollinators, for bringing us the produce and flowers we often take for granted.


In addition to pollinating our flowers, fruits and veggies, Honeybees make honey!  And, the fact is, that raw, organic, local honey is incredibly beneficial to our health!


Raw Honey

Raw Honey is loaded with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and polyphenolic compounds and boasts the body’s immune and cancer fighting abilities.  Rich in antioxidants, honey improves skin healing, helps protect the body from free radical damage that contributes to diseases like cancer and helps lower blood pressure.



CBD is also a powerhouse of the endocannabinoid system. It helps keep your body in balance, provides pain relief, relieves stress and anxiety, and helps maintain homeostasis.  CBD also promotes sleep and improves focus.


People looking for pain relief, help with anxiety, sleeping issues, have found Raw Honey with CBD infused into it, (aka CBD honey) is a double hitter method that’s delicious and effective.