Bay Mountain AG is Open for Business!!

by Bay Mountain AG

Bay Mountain is officially open!!! Yeah!!!! 


For the past few months, we have been meeting customers and making friends at local farmer’s markets.  Everyone here is so excited to finally have a place where you can contact us, and where we can pass along information, educational items, new developments, helpful tips, and even recipes to our Bay Mountain AG family. We look forward to hearing your comments, compliments, suggestions and even complaints if you think something is not right. 


We will continue our mission of growing hemp, and offering small-batch premium CBD wellness products, and after listening to some of your wishes, we will be adding some new CBD products to our lineup this fall! Be sure to keep posted!


Please look over our store and let us know what you think.  We are small and learning, so please be patient as we work out any bugs in our store.  The first “bug” we have encountered seems to be that because we sell CBD, we are a “risky” business and Shopify will not process our payments. You can still see our products in the store, but will be unable to make a purchase until we have corrected the situation.  We are currently looking for a third party payment processer and will add it to our Shopify store as soon as we can. In the meanwhile, call us at the farm to ask questions or place an order. We are happy to assist and will make arrangements as needed. Please mention this blog, and for the next month, we will be offering a 10% “new store opening” discount.


Thank you to our growing community of friends and customers. We appreciate your support of our vision and our efforts to give you the best CBD products available! 

Farm Small and Dream Big!