by Bay Mountain AG

Changing Leaves

By Debbie Locker

 As the summer heat, like sandals and swimsuits, slips away into September, I am glad for the cooler temperatures and rustling leaves.

 But what is next? Fall or Autumn, …. and why are there two names for this season.

 First, realize that autumn/fall and spring are relatively new seasons. In previous centuries, people referred to the passing of a year as a winter, coming from Old-English words “Wed” meaning wet, and ‘Wind,’ meaning white.  (Remember ‘The Game of Thrones’?)

 By the 12th century, the Middle English words ‘Lenten’ was  used for springtime and ‘Haerfest’ for harvest. Sometime in the

In the 14th century, ‘Springing Time’, started to replace ‘Lenten’ which was eventually shortened to ‘Spring’ by the 16th Century.

 Over the next few centuries, ‘Haerfest’ was replaced by ‘Atumn,’ a Latin term meaning the season of abundance.

 The term ‘Fall’ came into use in the 17th Century as a poetic compliment to ‘Spring’, some believing from the English phrase “Fall of the Leaf”.

 While either term is correct, Americans prefer the term “Fall,’ while “Autumn” is more commonly used in Britain.


On Sept. 22, the Autumnal Equinox, it won’t make any difference. All of us, Americans, Brits, and all sides of the globe are going to officially fall into Autumn!

Yeah! Bring it on!